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Our Story

Demonic Machines started in 2019 when Lucky (the monster) started a band and wanted to experiment with guitar pedals, but had no money to buy them. This website documents the resulting obsession.

What we do

We do all kinds of work at Demonic Machines, from repairs to custom builds to amplifiers. You may or may not be familiar with The Demonic Machine. It was one of our first custom builds and holds its ground against the Earthquaker Devices Life Pedal V2. You may be here for the Dragonaut doom fuzz, a black hole heavy preamp overdrive. Or maybe you’re here for our $50 Fuzz, a brutal darlington-based circuit that’s too good to pass up for the price.


Here at Demonic Machines, we have a passion for innovation and creativity, and you can be sure that any pedal you buy from us is a quality hand-crafted circuit. We select only the highest-quality parts for our circuits, which makes for very little variation in tone between guitar pedals of any given model.

Also, because our pedals are ROHS-compliant, so you don’t have to worry about lead or other toxic metals!

Handmade in Sunny San Diego

Each pedal is built by Lucky or Scott in our workshop in San Diego, California. Are you also in town? Send us a message and you can pick up your order in person. We’re located in North Park/University Heights area.


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