New DM87 Series – Budget Boutique Line

A new boutique budget line

Are you a little short on cash, but you still want a quality, authentic hand-built Demonic Machines circuit? We’ve got you! We are re-imagining our budget boutique line. The new DM87 Series will be a range of budget boutique effects that will be available for $87 each.

We thought long and hard about the change in price, as the original line was between $50-$70. We hope you will understand that parts and utilities are going up and so a small hike was nessecary. While only a two-person outfit right now, Demonic Machines was founded by Lucky with the goal to guarentee a living wage to all involved in the production of Demonic Machines, to the best of our ability to do so.


Demos of the original $50 Fuzz and Octave Fuzz include this fun little short by Lucky and this demo by Fuzzed Drones. Another fun demo of the original $50 Fuzz by Ryan from 60 Cycle Hum Podcast can be found in this unboxing video.

Check out this OG budget line Treble Boost demo and this shoot out with the Boss Overdrive SD-1, both by Chuck of Chuck’s Guitar Geekery on Youtube.

We are so lucky to have folks agree to demo and even reach out to ask us if they can demo our pedals. The importance of these mutually benificial relationships cannot be understated. We greatly appreciate any extra help we can get showing folks what they are gonna get with a Demonic Machine’s pedal.

A little further reading

What Started with the $50 fuzz is now a full blown mission to get hand-made pedals in the hands of the masses. You can read more about the concept in Angie’s article where they talk about Lucky’s journey to building noise you can afford.

Which budget pedals are coming?

Here is a teaser of what is to come. Engage with us on this blog or on the many social media platforms we use to keep in touch with our fans! We love hearing from you and we want to know what Demonic Machines you are excited for.

Demonic Machines Treble Boost in Red enclosure with silver knob. Part of the new 87 series budget line.
This treble boost may exist and may be available on August 1st.

A mischeivious little demon told me that the Treble Boost would be the first release of the new line. Stay tuned for more info on the roll out.


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