What’s New?

Well, it’s been a tumultuous… existence for Demonic Machines, but we’re back. Okay, we were never gone.

The point I was eventually going to meander towards was that contemporary business owners have to be content creators. This is in addition to running their business. I’m not good at video production, or playing guitar, or much else besides building pedals. So creating content is just this whole hassle I don’t want to deal with in late stage capitalism.

A list of things we haven’t talked about enough, apparently:

  • The 87 Series: We have a new “budget boutique” line that includes a treble boost, a fuzz, an octave fuzz, and a tremolo. We also have a compressor coming soon!
  • We’ve released the Chameleon OD, an extremely versatile overdrive/boost with over 4,000 possible clipping voices.
  • We’ve put out a new version of the Fukt Fuzz. We added a blend knob to allow you to blend between the sub octave and the fuzz.
  • The Amp Chiller, an attenuator for tube amps with FX loops.
  • Also, coming soon, God’s Eye, an overdrive/boost/distortion that will put other overdrives to shame.

We’ve picked a universal font for our pedals!

It’s Westsac.

We’ve also updated the appearance of our mascot, Lucy:

Lucy, the Demonic Machines demon.
The Corn Buffer, Cow Killer, and Dragonaut on the JHS Show!

Oh, right. We also have brand new merch!

Check it out!



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