Fuck Xmas

man in santa claus costume

This time of year has always been an odd one for me.

Fuck Xmas. Growing up, we didn’t celebrate Xmas because it has roots in paganism. Of course, this ignored that paganism is at the root of Christianity itself, but the ways in which my mom’s cult got history wrong is not the subject of this essay.

The subject of this essay is how, even as an adult, I find the two-ish weeks that make up the winter/new year holidays to be eerie. I imagine all of the people who grew up with Xmas or Hanukkah or other winter solstice celebrations I can’t think of spending time with their families (which I don’t have much of). Meanwhile, to me it just means that everything is closed and most public services are shut down for a day.

San Francisco punk band FEAR performing “Fuck Christmas.”

It’s also about capitalism

I’d be lying if I said that my adult refusal to embrace Xmas isn’t related to my disdain for capitalism. Though it doesn’t happen as much in the circles I run with, I see people running their selves into the ground trying to buy the right gift for everyone in their life.

We should take gift-giving back from Xmas. We should take it back from Amazon and Walmart. Giving a gift shouldn’t have to be marked by a special occasion. The gifts we give shouldn’t be beholden to someone’s wish list. Some of the best gifts I’ve ever received are things I never would have thought to get myself.

Becoming an artist or artisan

I’m not a huge John Green fan, but I love this quote and it guides my creative process.

Demonic Machines’ official stance is “fuck Xmas,” but we’re huge advocates of gift-giving. Click here to shop our selection of hand-made pedals and get one for a special musician in your life.


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