I’m making guitar pedal demos now!

distortion pedal for guitar in close up
Demo of the Erica’s Trip and 87 Fuzz.

Overcoming my fear of sucking

I’m not a great guitar player. I haven’t made many demos because some asshole inevitably comes on the video just to shit on my skills. Then I get embarrassed. Then I don’t post anything for months while my workbench gathers dust.

People are hesitant to buy pedals they haven’t heard. There are a few angels out there like Justus Gash who will give unheard of pedal makers a chance, but for the most part you have to have guitar pedal demos available of your stuff. I was paying Ryan Burke of 60 Cycle Hum to demo pedals for me but it was expensive for what I was selling in return.

I think back to Steve Albini’s famous essay, “The Problem With Music” and how he points out that the more you do yourself, whether it’s booking tours or selling merch, the more money you end up with. This lesson can be applied to basically any creative endeavor.

So I’ve stopped relying on others to demo my pedals because I just can’t afford the exposure I need. I’ve resolved to overcome my fear of being shitty at guitar in favor of showing people what sounds my pedals can make.

Guitar Pedal Demos Suck

I’d also like to add that I fucking hate watching gear demos. I’d musch rather play the pedal myself. Unfortunately, we live in a world where almost everything is purchased online. But guitar pedal demos are about the best we can do.

I forget what any of this was about.

I’m worried about being shitty at guitar and having to put that on display. However, I need to do it because otherwise my business might crash and burn.


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