Fash-bashing maniac guitar pedal builders.

Our Story

Demonic Machines started in 2019 when Lucky (the monster) started a band and wanted to experiment with guitar pedals, but had no money to buy them. This website documents the resulting obsession and their journey towards becoming a guitar pedal builder.

Lucky (the monster) building pedals.
Lucky building pedals.

Our Crew

Guitar Pedal Builders

Head guitar pedal builder and founder Lucky (the monster)

Lucky (the monster) started Demonic Machines in 2019 as a way of procrastinating writing their Master’s thesis.

Guitar pedal builder Scott.

Scott hails from New Jersey and is one of our builders. He is not a part of the Kids in the Hall.

Sales & Marketing

Angie Rabia

Angie does sales.


Lil' Cutie Man

Roccotillo is a sweet, snaggle-toothed boy who isn’t very good with a soldering iron.

Progress Pride flag
Antifascist Action

Guitar Pedal Builders with a Commitment to Social Justice

Demonic Machines was founded by and continues to be operated by members of the LGBTQ community. As a company we stand against oppression and mistreatment of all marginalized communities. Black Lives Matter. Defund the police. Defend bodily autonomy. Destroy white supremacy.