Our Story

Demonic Machines started in 2019 when Lucky (the monster) started a band and wanted to experiment with guitar pedals, but had no money to buy them. This website documents the resulting obsession.

Lucky (the monster) building pedals.
Lucky building pedals.

Commitment to Social Justice

Demonic Machines was founded by and continues to be operated by members of the LGBTQ community. As a company we stand against oppression and mistreatment of all marginalized communities. Black Lives Matter. Defund the police. Defend bodily autonomy. Destroy white supremacy.

Lucky (the monster)

Lucky started became a pedal builder because ze couldn’t afford to buy them. Ze started with modding a ProCo RAT, then moved on to MOD Electronics point-to-point kits before opening a Reverb shop to sell all of the guitar pedals that were beginning to accumulate. Now ze designs hir own circuits, designs all of the enclosures, and generally keeps up with the day-to-day tasks of running a boutique pedal company.

Lucky (the monster)
Lucky playing the ukulele.
Angie Rabia
Angie holding a Dragonaut.

Angie Rábia

Angie helps with sales, marketing and pedal-building. After years of customer service and management positions in the food and beverage industry, they are excited to use their skills to pursue goals that align with their lifelong passion for music and art.

Lio Groenenburg

You may recognize this troublemaker from some of our house-made demos and vids.They wish they were a cellist, or a theriminist, or a trianglist, or anything other than a guitar player. Pedals help fuck up guitar sounds real good!

Lio playing music.
Lio playing music.
Roccotillo, the cutest little man in the world.


A rescue from the streets of Tijuana, Roccotillo loves his lazy afternoons, when Lucky and Angie are building and packing pedals or clicking away at the computer.