Guitar Pedal Manuals

Below are a list of Demonic Machines manuals. Click the title of the guitar pedal manual you would like to download.

Budget Pedals

Other Pedals

Mold Fuzz boutique fuzz
A killer filtered fuzz.

The Little Demon
What if you added an octave to a Big Muff?

The Signal Driver overdrive.
Our take on the snarky transparent overdrive we all know and have an opinion on.
Reverse centaur, get it?

The Incredible Hulk Hogan Booster!

Erica's Trip boosted octave fuzz
Green Ringer-style boosted octave fuzz.

Dragonaut V3 doom fuzz
Despite the moniker “doom fuzz,” this is an incredibly versatile overdrive/distortion/fuzz.

Alleborith distortion
Our take on a ProCo Rat-style circuit.

Cow Killer bass fuzz pedal
The Cow Killer is a Muff-style bass fuzz pedal.

Legacy Products

$50 Fuzz picture
A powerful Darlington fuzz pedal

A solid tremolo.
$60 Octave Fuzz
An explosive octave-up fuzz using a 1N3666 diode.

A Rangemaster-style silicone treble booster.
A transistor OD/distortion utilizing hard clipping.

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