Welcome to our world of budget pedals, where we believe that great tone doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. If you’re a musician on a tight budget, but still crave the magic of a quality, authentic, hand-built Demonic Machines circuit, you’re in luck! We are excited to introduce our re-imagined budget line: the DM87 series.

At an affordable price of just $87 each, the DM87 series offers a range of effects that will satisfy your sonic cravings without breaking the bank. We understand that musicians, especially those starting out or exploring new sounds, may not always have the financial means to invest in high-end pedals. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted the DM87 series to bring you exceptional tone and versatility at an accessible price point.

Each pedal in the DM87 series is built with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship that has made Demonic Machines a trusted name in the industry. Our team of experienced engineers and designers have worked tirelessly to ensure that these budget-friendly pedals deliver the same level of quality and performance as their higher-priced counterparts.

Whether you’re a guitarist, bassist, or any other kind of musician, the DM87 series has something for everyone. From classic overdrive and distortion to lush modulation and ambient reverbs, our budget line covers a wide range of effects to suit various musical styles and preferences.

But that’s not all! We are constantly innovating and expanding our DM87 series, so you can expect even more exciting additions in the future. We encourage you to stay tuned for updates and announcements as we roll out new pedals and features.

At Demonic Machines, we firmly believe that everyone deserves access to exceptional tone, regardless of their budget. With the DM87 series, we’re making that belief a reality. So, unleash your creativity, explore new sonic territories, and elevate your playing without straining your wallet. Discover the power of the DM87 series and experience the thrill of premium effects at an unbeatable price.

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