87 Series

Introducing the 87 Series by Demonic Machines, a collection of powerful and versatile guitar and bass effects designed to elevate your sound to new realms of sonic intensity. Engineered with precision and a touch of devilish magic, these simple yet formidable pedals are a testament to Demonic Machines’ commitment to delivering exceptional tone and performance.

The 87 Series comprises six essential effects that cover a wide range of sonic landscapes. Each pedal is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a budding enthusiast, these effects will ignite your creativity and transport your audience to the dark corners of musical expression.

Let’s delve into the sinister arsenal of the 87 Series:

1. Compressor: Elevate your dynamics and achieve a balanced, consistent tone with the Compressor pedal. It adds sustain, tightens up your sound, and brings out the nuances in your playing, giving your riffs and solos a demonic presence.

2. Delay: Unleash ethereal soundscapes and captivating echoes with the Delay pedal. From subtle repeats to atmospheric washes, this pedal allows you to create captivating sonic textures that add depth and dimension to your music.

3. Tremolo: Immerse your sound in pulsating waves of tremolo. The Tremolo pedal from the 87 Series provides a range of rhythmic modulation options, allowing you to evoke haunting melodies or unleash a barrage of choppy, tremolo-driven riffs.

4. Fuzz: Unleash the primal fury of raw, searing distortion with the Fuzz pedal. This savage stompbox delivers thick, saturated tones, enveloping your instrument in a wall of sonic chaos that will make your audience tremble.

5. Octave Fuzz: Push the boundaries of your sonic exploration with the Octave Fuzz pedal. Dive into a realm of octave-up distortion, combining gnarly fuzz with otherworldly harmonics to create mind-bending sonic landscapes that defy convention.

6. Treble Boost: Infuse your tone with razor-sharp precision and unparalleled clarity using the Treble Boost pedal. This weapon of choice cuts through the mix, delivering searing highs and tight articulation that will make your solos soar above the infernal din.

Each pedal in the 87 Series is built to withstand the rigors of the stage and the studio, housed in a rugged chassis that ensures durability and longevity. Whether you’re performing live or crafting your next masterpiece in the studio, these pedals will stand by your side, empowering your musical journey.

Experience the diabolical tone-shaping capabilities of the 87 Series by Demonic Machines. Unleash your sonic fury and let the darkness guide your musical path. Welcome to the infernal world of Demonic Machines.

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