Erica’s Trip boosted octave fuzz

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A groovy octave-up fuzz with a two stage boost.

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This is Erica’s Trip, a groovy boosted octave-up fuzz with a two-stage boost so that you can get the subtle effects of a ringing octave over your playing, or you can boost it all to hell until you’re seeing little green men.


  • There aren’t many, as you may have noticed. However…
  • Flipping the BOOST switch up will give you a huge power boost.
  • Flipping the SUPER switch will give you even more of a boost.
  • An internal trimpot to adjust the level of the boost.

The Erica’s Trip circuit is based loosely on the classic Dan Armstrong Green Ringer octave fuzz. However, we found that the circuit, although classic, lacked the “umph” that modern players need in a fuzz. To fix this, we added a toggle-able two-stage boost circuit to the front. This way, you can get the classic sounds of the Dan Armstrong circuit, or you can get a melt-your-face-off clanging boosted octave fuzz!

The base green ringer-style circuit is most responsive when playing past the 12th fret. With the boosts engaged it doesn’t matter much, it’ll make fuzz.

Erica’s Trip is a paragon of simplicity: no knobs, just three switches to give you three distinct flavors of octave fuzz.


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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in






1 review for Erica’s Trip boosted octave fuzz

  1. Matthew

    Best octave fuzz Ive tried easily. Has a permanent place on my board at the front of my signal chain because of how well it stacks with all my other gain pedals.

    • angierabia

      Thank you so much for your feedback. We’re glad to hear you are so happy with it!

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