Eugene R.

HTR transparent overdrive

This one is a keeper. Everything you’ve ever wanted to tweak on the KTR is here. The different clipping option all sound killer. The low end switch really fills out single coils. I’ve got this running before my ktr and after my Timmy, fills all the gaps, hits all the right spots. As harmonic and wonderful as the ktr, but better. Buy one. Now. Also it kills fascists so big + there.

Miranda L.

Pedal arrived quickly. I am very happy with this fuzz pedal. It sounds fantastic. Plus the hand painted artwork on the pedal itself is wonderful. Very satisfied! Thanks 5 stars.

Mark H.

I love this thing. When I turn up the scream knob, the continents tremble with every mighty note. It adds treble and punch. It is the most dynamic and reactive pedal I own. This is similar to the Rangemaster. Like Tony Iommi and Brian May use. I do not sound like them when I play through it. I think I may be starting to get their gamey old man smell, though.

Shawn M.

The is my first Demonic Machine, and it’s a wonderful introduction to the brand. This thing kicks ass, and from communication to packaging, Lucky has been great. 100% satisfied.

Nathan D.

Amazing, Lucky! Thank you so much. This thing is a possessed nightmare and I love it!

Garrett Ficacci (The Gay Agenda)

Coming from a background of not much gear knowledge, I knew a bit about the kind of tone I wanted to get specifically for The Gay Agenda. Turns out, even with the few words exchanged about what I thought I needed, I ended up with a perfect tone with my custom fuzz/OD. Gay out of 10 👏